End of Our First Term

Wow! Hard to believe the first term for 2017 is almost over! Exams started today and school will officially be out for the two-week summer holiday on June 25th. A lot has happened in the past couple of months. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to.

New Teacher

We brought in a new teacher at the beginning of May. Bibas Thamang recently finished his MBA and has several years of experience tutoring students. We hired him to teach most of our math classes, and he is doing an excellent job. Many of our students are quite week in math so he has a big challenge, but he’s up to the task. He’s also our first male teacher, and our older boys are thrilled to have a guy to play football with. His wife is also a teacher at our school. We are so happy to have both of them as part of our Lillyfield family.

Environment Day

June 5th was Environment Day. This year we walked together along the road to a small park abut a mile away, picking up trash along the way. We then did some weeding and planted saplings in the park.

As beautiful as our Himalayan village is, it is sad to see the amount of garbage people carelessly throw on the ground. Many people are not educated about the harm that garbage can do to the environment. Only recently has it become more common for people to throw garbage in a trash can rather than on the ground. When we educate the students at our school about taking care of the environment, they take that knowledge home with them to their families.




Student Slide Show Presentations

Class 5 has been learning about making slide show presentations in their computer class. Last Saturday they showed off what they have learned to our school through a slide show presentation on a topic of their choice. We had two groups. One group taught us about volcanoes, the other group presented sharks. Thankfully we had good electricity and the groups were able to present on our TV. At the beginning of the year, most of the students had never used a computer before. We are very proud of all the students and the skills that they have learned this term.

Selfie Prop Making

Every Saturday we have classes until 11:00 and then have an hour and a half for some kind of activity which the teachers plan. One week the teachers decided that we would all make selfie props. As you can see from the pictures, the students (and the teachers) thoroughly enjoyed it!

Summer Holiday

Our students are currently taking their first term exams which will run until June 24th. Then school will be out for summer holiday until July 10th. We wish all the students, teachers, and families a very fun and safe summer holiday!

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