We’re not slowing down!

We’ve had a busy couple of months at Lillyfield. Here are a few of the exciting activities we’ve had going on!

Independence Day
Indian Independence Day is the 15th of August! We started out independence day this year by hoisting our flag and singing the National Anthem.

Students praying to start the day.
Unfurling the flag.

Next, we all went down to Sombaria for the festivities there.

Students and teachers enjoying the programs.

Lillyfield Academy students participated in the cultural dance competition by presenting a Nepali dance. They placed 3rd in the competition, despite being, by far, the youngest group of dancers to compete!

Two of our Class 5 boys, Kewal Subba and Palzong Tamang, took first place in the Class 5-8 boys 3-legged race! Running down the field, they looked like they weren’t even tied together.

Some winners – Abir Subba, 2nd place in balloon burst. Kewal Subba and Palzong Tamang, 1st place in 3-legged race.

Abir Subba, a class 4 student, took 2nd place in the Class 1-4 boys balloon bursting competition.

Boys getting ready for balloon bursting.

Aisha Subba, a class 3 student, took 3rd place in the Class 1-4 girls sweet picking competition.

Girls getting ready for sweet picking.

Teachers’ Day
We celebrated Teachers’ Day at our school with many different activities including:

  • Giving kadas and gifts to teachers.
All the teachers with kadas and gifts.

Various groups of students performed Hindi, Nepali, and English dances.

Christeena Sherpa, Chahat Subba, Aisha Subba, and Nancy Sherpa performing a dance to a Hindi song.
Lazunla Sherpa dancing to a Nepali song.
Mayalmit Lepcha dancing to an English song.

Groups of students performed Hindi, Nepali, English songs.

Boys group singing a Nepali song.
Girls group singing a Hindi and English song.

A speech about Teachers’ Day from Class 5 student, Karma Tashi Buhtia.

Karma Tashi Buhtia giving a speech about Teachers’ Day.

Our principal, Mrs. Rebecca Sherpa, gave a speech and parents competed against the teachers in a game of pass the ball. The winner was Principal Rebecca Sherpa.

Teachers and Parents playing pass the ball.

We ended the celebration with lunch and an open dance floor.

Students and Teachers dancing after the program.

Class 5 and 6 Hindi and Nepali skits.
Class 5 presented a Nepali skit entitled “Bhuddi ko Bal” – “Knowledge is Power.”

Class 5 Nepali skit.

In this skit, a tiger which was trapped in a cage persuaded a man to rescue him, but when he got out he tried to eat the man. The man pleaded his case to passing charters. He asked sheep, a goat, and a tree if the tiger should kill him or not. All the characters said that men take from them without gratitude or concern for their well being so it is fine if the tiger kills the fox. Lastly, he asked a clever fox. The fox, pretending not to understand the situation asked them to show him what happened. The tiger goes back into the cage to explain, and the man and the fox leave him there.

Class 6 presented a Hindi skit, “A Real Story about Panna Dai.”

Class 6 Hindi Skit.

Panna Dai was the servant of an Indian Queen. She looked after children in the household. One day an assassin came and killed the queen. He tried to kill the baby prince as well, but Panna Dai gave him her own son, saying he was the prince. She took the real prince away and saved him, but she sacrificed the life of her own son.

Class 1 Non-Fiction Reading Unit
Class one celebrated everything they learned during their non-fiction reading unit. They wrote sentences telling something they learned from from one of their books and then posted the sentence and the book in our hallway.

Class 1 standing in front of their non-fiction books.

Students Wrote Letters to Diana Ma’am and Ken Sir
To finish off their time learning to write letters, students wrote to Diana Ma’am and Ken Sir in the USA. Then we mailed them. Mr. And Mrs. Lilly were thrilled to read the letters from all the students.

Teachers Getting Ready for Teachers Training Program
The government of India is requiring training for all teachers. Our teachers have lots of experience but no training. This means that, in order to continue teaching, all of our teachers will have to complete the 2-year diploma course. The course is specifically for in-service teachers which means they will be able to complete it while working at our school, but the fee is Rs 12000 – about quadruple the monthly salary of most our teachers. The course starts on October 3rd, and the teachers are excited to begin this training.

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