First Week of 2019 Session

Our first week typically involves getting new students registered, getting books and supplies for students, and trying to figure out classrooms and teachers. We threw in teacher training everyday this week, so students were in class half the day and then the teachers were in training the other half. All of this made for a very busy but fun week! I love getting to see all the students again! Reminds me why I do this.

Bibash Sir and some of our other teachers: Marina Miss, Hanna Miss, Easther Miss, Lakpa Doma Miss, Sushma Miss, Sujata Miss, Reena Miss.
Susang Miss with Class 3&4.
Hanna Miss playing some games with UKG and Class 1 students.
Class 2 students playing Bingo.
Class 6, 7, and LKG students drawing pictures.
LKG students playing with finger puppets.
Reena Miss and Marina Miss with some of their Nursery students.

Passang sir has been hard at work trying to get our new Nursery and LKG (Lower Kindergarten) classrooms ready. They’re almost finished and the are looking great! Should be ready to use by Monday!

It’s a wonderful start to what I’m sure will be a fabulous year!

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