Meet our Staff and Students!

Our year is well under way here at Lillyfield Academy, so its time to give you a quick view of our school family this year!

We have 104 students this year! We are super excited to have crossed the 100-student mark! This year we have Classes Nursery-Class 7 (10 different Classes/Grades in total).

We have 11 teachers and 1 assistant teacher. We are hoping to add an additional assistant teacher sometime this month to help with our LKG (Lower Kindergarten) class.

Here’s a look at the kids and teachers!

Nursery – 12 students

Reena Miss has years of experience loving our littlest students, and she does an awesome job. Marina Miss is helping her out again this year. We have been able to add many toys and educational materials for Nursery this year. These kids are having so much fun that they don’t want to go home at the end of the day!

LKG (Lower Kindergarten or Pre-K) – 17 students

This is one of our biggest classes, and they are keeping Lakpa Doma Miss busy! We are hoping to add an assistant soon to help her out with all those little ones. Lakpa Doma Miss will be finishing up her Diploma in Elementary Education (D. El. Ed.) this year.

UKG (Upper Kindergarten or Kindergarten) – 15 students

Priyanka Miss was an assistant last year and has come on this year as a full teacher, and she’s doing a fabulous job. She can be found all day with these rambunctious, curious UKG students.

Class 1 – 7 students

Rebecca Ma’am, also the school principal, is the class teacher for these 7 students. When she’s not teaching English to Class 1, she can be found teaching English to many other classes, as well as Class 6 and 7 science.

Class 2 – 16 students

Sushma Miss is our newest teacher, and we are so happy to have her. She is doing a great job as class teacher to this talkative bunch and is also teaching Nepali and EVS. She is also finishing up her D. El. Ed. this year.

Class 3 – 8 students, Class 4 – 3 students

With only 3 students in Class 4, we have put Class 3 and 4 together this year. Sujata Miss is their class teacher, and she also teaches EVS and English Writing to other classes. She is also finishing up her D. El. Ed this year.

Class 5 – 11 students

We have several new students in Class 5 this year. Easther Miss is their class teacher; however, she is out until April, so Sheela Miss is filling in for her until she returns. With a Masters in English, Easther Miss will be teaching Class 5-7 English reading and writing as well as some computer classes.

Class 6 – 7 students

Susang Miss is the class teacher for these wonderful students. She is experienced in Nepali and Hindi and will be teaching these subjects to many of our older students.

Class 7 – 8 students

Our oldest students have Bibash Sir as their class teacher. He has an MBA and is a math wizard! He makes numbers make sense for our Class 2-7 students.

Our final two teachers are not responsible for any particular class, but that certainly doesn’t make them any less important!

Hanna Miss teaches English writing to Class 2-4, social studies to Class 6-7, as well as some computer classes.

Nim Diki Miss teaches maths, EVS, and Hindi. When she is not teaching, she is in the office managing our accounts. She is also finishing up her D. El. Ed. this year.

So, there you have it! All those beautiful little minds ready learn and explore this year, and the teachers who are willing and ready to take them on that adventure! We are so excited for everything that will be going on this year, and we can’t wait to share it all with YOU!

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  1. Congratulations 💝💝💝
    And very best wishes to entire L.A family.
    It’s one of the best school in elementary level school around the locality.💐💐💐💐

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